Improving Early Childhood Screening and Care Through Clinical-Community Partnerships and 2-1-1 Technology

Help Me Grow National Center
November 30, 2017
This webinar focuses on a study of centralized, telephone-based developmental screening and care coordination for families of children with developmental or behavioral concerns.
young boy at computer with phone

This webinar focused on the integral relationship of two of the core components of the Help Me Grow Model – the centralized access point and child health provider outreach. Telephone and web-based services have proven to be effective primary points of access to community resources. Child health care providers are in a unique position to identify and support developmentally vulnerable children and their families; however, they face challenges in keeping comprehensive and updated information on community-facing services and meeting the needs of their patients that reach beyond health. Three experts – Patricia Herrera, MS; Bergen Nelson MD, MS; and Paul Chung MD, MS – discuss the results of a study on the effectiveness of centralized, telephone-based developmental screening and care coordination.

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