What Is School Readiness? A Primer on School Readiness, Measurement, and Equity 

Institute for Child Success
November 17, 2022
This primer includes information about the importance of school readiness, how to measure it, and how to use measurement to promote equity.
Three children in the classroom

This primer provides information on what school readiness is and how measures and assessments can be used in early childhood to provide a snapshot of a child’s social-emotional, cognitive, and academic skills, as well as overall well-being and mental health. It also covers how measures can be used to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and how the IMPACT Measures Tool® can be used to assess kindergarten readiness. 

Number of Measures on IMPACT Measures Tool® Related to Kindergarten Readiness

Number of Measures on IMPACT Measures Tool® Related to Kindergarten Readiness

The IMPACT Measures Tool® contains many measures that are relevant to kindergarten readiness, which is itself difficult to measure as it is not clearly defined. Many states in the United States vary on both their definition and assessment of kindergarten readiness. States may work with developers or develop their own assessments based on their own early learning and K-12 standards. Kindergarten readiness is often determined by a mix of direct assessment and observational measures assessing children’s behaviors, skills, and attitudes at a point before entering kindergarten. This information is often part of a set of multiple data points rather than a single score in an assessment.

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