The Prenatal Visit

American Academy of Pediatrics
July 1, 2018
This clinical report offers objectives for the pediatric prenatal visit, recommendations on what should be covered, and links to parent and child development resources for families.
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A pediatric prenatal visit during the third trimester is recommended for all expectant families as an important first step in establishing a child’s medical home. As advocates for children and their families, pediatricians can support and guide expectant parents during the prenatal period. Prenatal visits allow general pediatricians to establish a supportive and trusting relationship with a child’s parents, gather basic information from the parents, offer information and advice regarding the infant, and potentially identify psychosocial risks early, as well as high-risk conditions that may require special care. The prenatal visit offers the opportunity to create a lasting personal relationship between parents and the pediatrician, one of the most important values in all ongoing pediatric care. This clinical report covers the rationale and standards for making the prenatal visit an important part of the practice of pediatrics.

The Prenatal Visit

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