Measuring What Matters: Harnessing Early Childhood Measurement to Help Children Thrive 

Institute for Child Success
August 22, 2022
This presentation highlights the role of measurement and evaluation in early childhood through an equity lens and describes the scoring categories of the IMPACT Measures Tool®.
man and woman on bed with baby

The Institute for Child Success discusses how organizations in the early childhood field can harness measurement and evaluation practices. The presentation covers the role of measurement in early childhood, historical misuses of measurement and how to move forward, equity and measurement, and the purpose of the IMPACT Measures Tool®. 

The IMPACT Measures Tool® is a free database of early childhood and parenting measures. Measures work for different communities and contexts and can be assessed across four key dimensions: cost, usability, cultural relevance, and technical merit.

Scoring Categories in the IMPACT Measures Tool®

  • Cost – How affordable is the measure?
  • Usability – How easy to use is the measure?
  • Cultural Relevance – How well does the measure serve different groups?
  • Technical Merit – How consistent and accurate is the measure?
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