June 2024 Newsletter: Tools to Drive Impact for Early childhood Systems Building

ECDHS: Evidence to Impact Center
Our Quarterly Newsletter
June 20, 2024
Our June 2024 newsletter showcases The Water of Systems Change framework, a new family leader story, upcoming events, and resources to drive positive early childhood outcomes.
Inverted triangle with the title "Six Conditions of Systems Change. The top level refers to explicit structural change and includes the labels of policies, practices, and resource flowers. The middle level refers to sem-explicit relational change and includes the labels of relationships and connection and power dynamics. The bottom level refers to implicit transformative change and includes the label mental models. The source is Kania, J., Kramer, M., Senge, P. (2018). The Water of Systems Change.

Newsletter Highlights

  • Highlights from our May webinar on The Water of Systems Change framework.
  • A new story from our Family Advisory Leadership Council member in Connecticut and how she has built her skills and knowledge to help other parents and families.
  • A Community Health Center Corner showcasing our May webinar on care coordination and linkage, as well as information about the Child & Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative‚Äôs Well-Visit Planner.
  • Details about upcoming Center and partner events, and links to resources covering numerous topics, including family engagement, system performance measures, early relational health, and more.
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