Five Stories of Partnership From Help Me Grow North Texas

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January 12, 2024
Watch recordings of five stories of partnership from Help Me Grow North Texas. Sessions were originally presented at the Help Me Grow National Forum 2023.
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As co-host of the 2023 Help Me Grow (HMG) National Forum, HMG North Texas presented sessions featuring key partnerships that support their HMG system-building. Recordings are now available for the following sessions:

  • Family Advisory Council Story
  • ASQ Partner Project
  • HMG North Texas Subcommittee Structure
  • Help Me Grow to Help Me Thrive Story
  • Spread and Scale of the HMG Model in Texas

These sessions were originally presented live at the 2023 Forum’s In-Person Summit on October 12 in Fort Worth, Texas. The HMG National Forum is an opportunity for HMG affiliates and their partners to network, learn from one another, and develop new and supportive connections across the HMG community.

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